The City of Colton, facing deficits and cost overruns, is seeking ways tao save itself from further financial burdens. 

This won’t be the first time the proposal has come before the council. Last year, the idea was shot down overwhelmingly. But as the financial situation of the city refused to improve, the idea is being considered again.

Armed with a consultant’s report that estimates a yearly savings between $2 and $8 million, the proposal is again going before the city council. With a new composition after the November election, the outcome is yet to be decided.

From the San Bernardino Sun:

The City Council will seek the costs to outsource police, fire, code enforcement and animal control services.

Earlier this year, the same proposal was voted down 5-2.

The new direction is likely the result of November’s election, which changed the makeup of the council, said resident and Planning Commissioner Gary Mitchell.

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