Though the City of Huntington Beach welcomed new Councilmembers Monday night, all incoming members have either council experience or have served in the City’s political scene.
Councilmember Don Hansen, who was next in line to be mayor, declined, suggesting sitting Councilmember Carchio take the reigns.

From the Orange County Register:

HUNTINGTON BEACH- The city welcomed three new members and congratulated one sitting councilman to the City Council dais on Monday night.

Council members Connie Boardman, Joe Carchio, Matthew Harper and Joe Shaw were sworn in at Monday’s meeting as Mayor Cathy Green, Mayor Pro Tem Jill Hardy and Gil Coerper left the council because they reached their term limits.

Carchio has served on the council since 2006 and Boardman also has previous council experience. Harper and Shaw are not new to city politics but this will be their first time as council members.

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