San Francisco has long been known for its unique approaches on a variety of issues. Often, these approaches tackle social issues with fees and fines.

The attempt to tax sugary beverages to combat obesity is well known, as was their plan to add an alcohol surcharge to pay for care of alcoholics.

But after Prop 26, the reality facing the County Supervisors may change, as they learn what fees now require a two thirds vote and which can still be levied by a simple majority.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco politicians, long enamored of controversial fees on products and services to promote their ideological viewpoints and raise cash for the city, will be significantly hampered by voters’ passage of California’s Proposition 26.

The measure, approved Nov. 2 by a five-point margin, requires that a wide variety of fees now be treated as taxes, thus requiring approval by two-thirds of voters rather than just a majority of the Board of Supervisors and the mayor.

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