After forty years in public service, Walnut Creek’s mayor has presided over her last city council meeting.

Her departure is bittersweet, as she knows there will be much that she misses and some that she won’t. All public servants know of the abuse that they take, from vicious attacks lobbed at them by disgruntled residents, to some of the tedious tasks of governing.

But, as she addressed the audience gathered at her last meeting, it was an honor.

From the Walnut Creek Journal:

Stepping down after nearly four decades in public office was an emotional moment for Sue Rainey.

Rainey, who chose not to run for re-election, presided Tuesday night over her last meeting as mayor, which had her both laughing and crying.

“When you serve in public office it’s really a team effort,” said Rainey, looking at her fellow council members. “And I have been blessed.”

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