Redding has begun the process of adopting Home Rule, and establishing a charter for the city.

It’s a decision that’s been made by more than 100 cities across California, all to varying degrees. Some choose broad charters that offer numerous, enumerated powers to the city council and staff. Others choose narrowly constructed charters that avail the city from certain, specific state controls.

A committee created by the city council will spend the next four months examining what kind of charter would suit the city’s needs.

From the Record Searchlight:

Redding took a halting step forward this evening toward drafting a city charter.

The City Council voted 3-2 to appoint a 10-member committee to explore the pros and cons of a city charter and report back after four months.

The council voted to form the committee after hearing hours of impassioned speeches for and against a charter. The council considered and rejected several other options – such as asking residents to draft sample charters and submit them for council consideration – before settling on an exploratory committee.

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