Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by candidates seeking public office. Polling, market research, data vendors and political consulting firms who specialize in helping candidates are billion dollar industries and provide candidates with the best available tools to get them elected.

Ironically, once a candidate is elected, there are few resources to help them be effective public servants. Elected officials are often left floundering, and we wonder why so many of them fail. It is like spending millions of dollars getting pregnant then, once the baby is born, leaving it to fend for itself.

Our democracy depends on vigorous elections, but even more, it depends on effective elected officials. As a newly elected official, you have a perspective that could be helpful to others. Larry Tramutola, one of California’s top political consultants, is researching a book tentatively titled “Now What?” A guide for newly-elected, local public officials. The book will be a practical guide for those who are elected to local public offices – school boards, city councils and special districts. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send the to info@tramutola.com. Thank you.