PublicCEO touts itself as a local government news and resource website. As part of my promise to always be improving, I am constantly searching for new partners and information sources. I am pleased to announce that this week PublicCEO launched a new partnership with The FundBook.

The FundBook is a non-partisan, privately held company based in Washington DC that is dedicated to connecting regional, state, and local governments with Federal funding opportunities. Their monthly publication provides not just information about what money is available, but they also provide templates and guides to help secure the funds.

From large-scale projects to the tidal wave of minutia that occupy so much of your time and resources, sometimes a helping hand from the federal government is the most effective way to provide much needed services to your residents.

Now, along with the help and information from The FundBook, PublicCEO will prove to be a more powerful tool than ever. To view the first article to come from this relationship, please take a look at this article from Tuesday.

If you are interested in learning more about The FundBook, you can visit their website at You can also sign up for their free, monthly newsletter here.