The question isn’t one of effective or not, it is of optimization. That was the concern that LA Councilman Dennis Zine was one of how to best use the red light cameras.

The program, which costs the city a quarter million dollars per month, has issued enough citations to bring in $11 million in revenues. But the Councilman believes that the program could be more effective if the cameras are installed on the busiest intersections in LA.

By the end of July, the program should be turning a profit for the city, after one time expenses brought the total cost to more than $3.2 million.

From the Los Angeles Daily News:

Councilman Dennis Zine expressed concern today about the viability of the city’s red light traffic camera program. The Public Safety Committee grilled LAPD and Department of Transportation representatives today before ultimately voting in favor of a three-month contract extension with the company that currently runs the city’s red-light traffic cameras.

“The status quo is not acceptable,” Zine said at the hearing.

The city controller released an audit last September that found the cameras are not placed at the most dangerous intersections and that the program has resulted in a net cost to the city of about $2.6 million.

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