The newsletter is authored by former City Manager Jack A. Simpson. You may see the entire newsletter and all back issues without cost here.

Heartfelt condolences to retired City Manager and California JPIA Executive Director Bill Holt and the entire Holt Family on the passing of Sandra Louise Holt. Sandie’s long and courageous battle with cancer ended on April 30, 2011.

La Cañada Flintridge City Manager Mark Alexander has requested help from the Department of Fish and Game regarding bear sightings in his city. A California Black Bear reportedly ate 4-chickens in a La Cañada Flintridge backyard.

Santa Clarita Public Information Officer Gail Ortiz is the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Paul B. Clark award presented by the California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO). Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Pulskamp credits Gail with contributing to many of the City’s award winning successes.

Glendora Deputy City Manager Brenda Fischer is the new City Manager in Maricopa, Arizona. She will be taking over from Interim City Manager Vanessa Bueras. Brenda signed a three-year employment agreement that extends until May, 1, 2014.

Rancho Cucamonga Assistant City Manager John Gillison, a former City Manager in Sierra Madre, earned a Juris Doctorate from Western State University College of Law, and he is a Licensed California Attorney.

Former Fremont Community Development Director Jill Keimach is the Town Manager in Moraga. Prior to Fremont Jill served in El Cerrito and with BART, ABAG and Wilmette, Illinois.

The legislation to disincorporate the City of Vernon, a Charter City, passed the Assembly on a 60 to 7 vote. The author, Assembly Speaker John Perez, promised amendments preserving the City’s utility rates and zoning; a little local government by the State. The author’s efforts are aimed at addressing what he describes as “a pattern of unprecedented corruption” in Vernon.

Kathy Kivley, 62, currently the Assistant City Manager in Delano, is the new City Manager in Atwater succeeding the retired City Manager Greg Wellman. Assistant City Manager Stan Feathers has been serving as Interim City Manager in Atwater.

New Bishop City Administrator James M. Southworth previously was City Administrator in Monroe, Washington.

Described as “a hundred miles from anywhere,” Blythe’s 21,000 people live across the Colorado River from Arizona. Blythe City Manager is David Lane. Though hundreds of new homes are approved along with a Wal-Mart Supercenter, the building boom went bust. Blythe is looking to alternative energy for a brighter future. Work began last fall west of Blythe on what will be the largest solar energy project in the world.

Debbie Kurita is a San Jose Sharks fan.

Isleton City Manager Bruce Pope describes the Grand Jury’s probe of a medical marijuana farm in the city this way: “My idea is that we should all dress up as witches and go testify, because that’s what this is.”

Sacramento Interim City Manager Gus Vina has been selected to serve as the new Encinitas City Manager. Gus has served as Sacramento Assistant City Manager, Finance Director and Budget Manager. He is to start his new job in July.

Effective June 20, 2011 David Brennan, a former Sebastopol City Manager, will succeed veteran City Manager Gene Albaugh of Nevada City upon his retirement. David previously served in Nevada County as Assistant County Administrator and then County Administrator (1993-1999). Prior to that he was the Assistant City Manager in Brentwood. Most recently David served as a Program Manager for the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority.

With some feeling that Menlo Park Assistant City Manager Starla JeromeRobinson should be elevated behind the July retirement of City Manager Glen Rojas, on a 3-2 vote the Council decided to retain an executive recruiter.

Bruce Ambo has been selected as the new Deputy City Manager/Community Development Director in Scotts Valley where Steve Ando is City Manager. Scotts Valley Interim Community Development Director Susan Westman has retired.

Former Livingston City Manager Richard Warne, 58, is the new City Manager in Twentynine Palms. John Tooker was Interim City Manager during the recruitment. Richard is a former Army Captain.

“Cowboys and Chocolate:” The 19th Annual Chocolate Festival, May 21 and 22, 2011 is in Oakdale. The Festival’s main activities are located at the junction of Highways 120 and 108, surrounding Wood Park. This is the setting for a 5K & One Mile Fun Run, a Classic Car Show, and many other activities.

Dixon City Manager Nancy Huston has accepted the Solano County Assistant County Administrator post. She has been Dixon City Manager since June, 2000.

Former Stockton City Manager Mark Lewis is the new City Administrator in Chowchilla.

Riverbank has extended the employment agreement of Interim City Manager Pam Carder, 61, for an additional 90 days. Pam was retained for 30 days following action to place longtime City Manager Rich Holmer, 64, on paid administrative leave. Pam is a former Lathrop City Manager.

Former Millbrae City Manager Ralph Jaeck appeared before the Council and explained the correct calculations determining his salary for retirement purposes and his pay-out. Ralph contends that the City owes him money but is not looking to pursue it.

Retired veteran Salinas City Manager Dave Mora has retired as the ICMA West Coast Director. Effective May 2, recently retired Mountain View City Manager Kevin Duggan took over as ICMA West Coast Director.

A “Tip of the Cap” to Stockton resident Gregory Basso for creating a very well-done video calling Forbes magazine’s characterization of Stockton as “the most miserable city in America” dead wrong. A “Stockton is Magnificent” party was held on the Miracle Mile and pictures of the event are being sent to Forbes publisher Steve Forbes.

The Dipsea Race is the oldest trail race in the America, first run in 1905. It is run every year on the second Sunday in June on a 7.4 mile course from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful courses in the world. The stairs and steep trail make it a grueling and treacherous race.

Since Davis City Manager Bill Emlen left office, Paul Navazio has served as Interim City Manager. The City Council is considering how to proceed with a City Manager recruitment.

Oakdale has fired City Manager Steven L. Hallam, 56. Steve went to Oakdale in 2001 from Turlock to be the City’s Community Development Director. He became Oakdale City Manager in 2006.

According to Hercules Interim City Manager Fred Deltorchio, Safeway has demonstrated interest in the 14-acre site at Sycamore and San Pablo Avenues.

Oakland City Attorney John Russo, selected to be the next Alameda City Manager is an avid Oakland “A’s” fan.

Martinez Assistant City Manager Alan Shear has a BA and an MPA from California State University, Long Beach. To start his career, Alan worked for the League of California Cities Los Angeles County Division for about a year, and then worked a couple years in the League’s Sacramento office.

Deputy Chief Mark Hartwig, 47, of the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District has been tagged to serve as the Fire Chief of the San Bernardino County Fire Department.