When Fowler Police chief didn’t do his job, he did it in the worst way. By dawdling on pending cases, allowing them to stack up on his desk without action, he allowed serious offense to lapse. Crimes, up to and including attempted murder and sex crimes, went uninvestigated and potential offenders left on the streets.

The betrayal that the community felt was palpable at a recent city council meeting, where residents rose during public comment to let the council know what they thought.

There was a call for resignations, a likening to urine, and accusations of negligence in management and oversight. The video tells all.

From KFSN News:

More than 60 people packed the inside of city hall Tuesday night. Many said the council failed miserably in keeping tabs on the former chief who is himself accused of failing miserably in doing basic police work.

“Don’t pee on the boots and tell me its raining. Don’t do that to this community here.” said Jeff Budwig.

Several people took direct verbal shots at city council members Tuesday night. They claim the council failed to hold Darrell Jamgochian accountable for sweeping stacks of cases under the rug during his tenure as police chief.

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