Who knew that city money couldn’t be used to pay for personal credit cards, a time share in Florida, trips to Vegas, or vacation cruises? We know that Robert Rizzo didn’t.

The Mayor of Kinloch Missouri learned that lesson the hard way, as he told police that he’d obey completely, immediately before being place in handcuffs, charged with embezzlement.  

Perhaps the attorney he’ll have with him at this morning’s arraignment will be paid for with private funds.

From CBS St. Louis KMOX:

Kinloch Mayor Keith Conway is accused of spending tens-of-thousands of dollars in taxpayer money on pleasure trips and other personal expenses.

A federal grand jury indicted Conway on one felony count of Wire Fraud and one felony count of Federal Program Theft.   He was arrested at Kinloch city hall, wearing faded blue jeans and a t-shirt from Florida marked “I am the Boss.”

Conway is accused of using city funds to pay for Bahamas vacation cruises,  trips to Las Vegas,  Ft. Lauderdale,  and the down payment on a time share condominium in Florida.

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