Casitas Municipal Water District is offering free water surveys for both residents and businesses to help them save water and money. The surveys are meant to show customers how to implement conservation measures that can result in significant water savings. Survey participants are offered rebates and free plumbing fixtures as well.

“We are working to make it as simple as possible for residents and businesses to use their water efficiently so that they can save money and our local water supply,” said Ron Merckling, Water Conservation Manager for Casitas. “Casitas’ operations depend on long-term planning. We can not rely on a high lake level at this time to sustain us through the next long-term drought. We need to continue to be vigilant about our water use and an easy way for residents and businesses to do so is by participating in our water survey program,” said Merckling.

Casitas’ on-site surveys of indoor and landscape water use is available to all residents and commercial businesses within Casitas’ service area. This includes water customers of Golden State Water in Ojai; City of Ventura water customers Northwest of Mills road; water customers of Hermitage Mutual Water Company, Meiners Oaks County Water District, Rincon Water & Road Works, Senior Canyon Mutual Water Company, Sisar Mutual Water Company, Tico Mutual Water Company, Ventura River County Water District and the Siete Robles Mutual Water Company.

The indoor survey includes a test of showerhead and faucet flow rates, an estimate of toilet flush volumes, and a test for leaks. Free showerheads and faucet aerators are offered if existing fixtures are not low-flow models. The landscape survey includes a review of the irrigation system, irrigation design and watering schedules. It includes reading the meter to reveal possible system leaks. Customers also are provided with a report that includes a set of recommendations for improving water-use efficiency and information on toilet and clothes washer rebate programs.