jerry brownCalifornia’s budget will be settled by a party-line, simple majority vote as early as Tuesday.

The Governor abandoned hope of a bi-partisan agreement last night, after a text message informed him that the Republican votes he needed wouldn’t be forthcoming.

The budget, according to the Governor and Legislative Leaders, will include full funding for his realignment plan, coming from 1% of the state’s sales tax.

Other measures taken to balance the budget include increased revenue projections and increased cuts to courts and higher education.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday he was abandoning hopes of striking a bipartisan budget deal on taxes and instead would push through a spending plan solely with the support of Democratic lawmakers.

The new plan, which Brown unveiled in a joint news conference with the Democratic leaders, would rely on hopes for an economic surge generating billions more in windfall tax collections. Brown and the Democrats would agree in advance to further cutbacks in case the money does not materialize, though they did not immediately provide details on what programs would be cut.

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