Maricopa has nearly 20% of its annual budget in outstanding debt, has borrowed from private individuals to make payroll, and owes residents refunds for illegal refuse fees. That’s just a few of reasons that a Grand Jury has called for the City of Maricopa to disincorporate, and turning local control over to the Board of Supervisors.

But before the city can fight the Grand Jury’s recommendation, they have to find the money to pay their county counsel, who rarely attends city council meetings, since the city can’t afford his bills.

With little commercial activity available to generate taxes, in the Grand Jury’s opinion there is little hope of recovery.

From the Bakersfield Californian:

The Kern County grand jury called for the dissolution of the city of Maricopa Wednesday, days after releasing two other reports slamming its police department.

Jurors said the 1,154-person town has little commercial activity to generate tax revenue, debt that also contributes to its “precarious” financial state and infrastructure that’s deteriorating, particularly its sewage system.

City disincorporation is an extremely rare thing, and would turn over governance of its people to the Kern County Board of Supervisors.

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