Before stripping Mayor Pro Tem Douglas Hanson of his title, the city council labeled him a legal liability and said the action must be taken to protect the city from his outlandish behaviors.

In a 4-1 vote, Hanson stood alone… for himself.

At issue is a series of interactions with staff, including accusations of harassment, creating a hostile work environment, and misconduct. Similarly, he was removed from a position on a Transit Board after he allegedly had a verbal confrontation with the general manager of the agency.

Official investigations have concluded that his actions weren’t illegal, they simply were the behvaviors of a bully.

Hanson will remain on the council, and the position of Mayor Pro Tem has been filled.

From the Desert Sun:

Indian Wells City Council stripped Mayor Pro Tem Douglas Hanson of his title during a special meeting Thursday afternoon.

He will remain on council as a councilman, while Councilman Bill Powers will take over as mayor pro tem.

The 4-1 vote, with Hanson dissenting, followed an hour of heated public hearing during the special meeting.

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