In the opinion of a Grand Jury, the long-term housing needs for the chronically homeless shouldn’t totally overwhelm the need to provide emergency housing.

The Grand Jury’s report, titled “Sheltering the Homeless: A Hole in the Safety Net,” recognized the value in continuing to provide long term shelters, but at the same time said that the county needed to find the revenues to

From the Novato Advance:

The Marin County Board of Supervisors will not be implementing a grand jury recommendation to create additional permanent emergency shelters for the homeless in Marin.

In a report titled “Sheltering the Homeless: A Hole in the Safety Net,” released on March 9, the Marin County civil grand jury declared that officials are failing to address the county’s critical need for more permanent emergency shelter housing for homeless families.

“I do think in this particular case the grand jury didn’t quite get it right,” said Board of Supervisors President Susan Adams at a board meeting on May 24, where members unanimously declined to adopt the grand jury’s recommendation.

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