Sacramento is only days away from the end of its fiscal year and likely the end of the employment of 42 police officers.

Mayor Kevin Johnson has used his strongest language to date, emphasizing that the only way to reinstate or save the jobs of the dozens of officers is for the police association to address its pensions, and open to potential reforms.

The city’s efforts to close a $39 million deficit resulted in layoff notices being issued to a plethora of public safety employees, and the rolling brownouts of some fire engines.

From the Sacramento Bee:

In his strongest words to date on the subject, Mayor Kevin Johnson said today that city cops must discuss contributing to their pensions in order to save the jobs of dozens of officers being laid off this week.

There is little to no chance that such an agreement could be solidified before the final day of the fiscal year on Thursday, when police layoffs go into effect. Cops have already begun handing in their badges and 42 officers are slated to lose their jobs, part of a city budget plan to fill a $39 million deficit.

But the mayor said that he and other members of the City Council are “desperately reaching out” to the police union and was hopeful that discussions would continue into the summer.

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