In Los Angles, the world of politics and local government has come together, as Council Member Janice Hahn’s campaign for U.S. Congress ends.

Hahn has come under fire for her work with gang intervention, particularly for programs she was involved with that compensated former gang members for their working as gang interventionists.

Ironically enough, the fight that has emerged has not been between Hahn or her opponent, business man Craig Huey, but between Hahn and the media.

According to a report by a local Fox News Affiliate, a story they prepared to run elicited a cease and desist order from Hahn’s attorney. The story, which they ended up running anyway, was exceptionally long, especially for a local news outlet. At nine minutes, the unflattering story ran as voters were making up their minds on the election.

PublicCEO avoids, as best as we can, engaging in political discussions. But in the case of this race for U.S. Congress, it is apt to point out that sometimes the two are inherently linked, and a policy that seems like a good idea one day can end up being a liability the next week or year.


The local FOX affiliate in Los Angeles devotes a stunning nine minutes to “set the record straight” on Janice Hahn’s role in helping former gang members get compensated for their “intervention” work done in the city.

It’s an inordinate amount of time for a local television station to spend on a single story — especially in the second largest market in the country a week before a below-the-radar mid-summer special House election.

But it’s a crushing piece for the Hahn campaign — as it replays video of convicted drug dealers and rapists speaking about how they received assistance from the Democratic nominee in the 36th Congressional District.

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