Cities took a pounding in this year’s budget cycle. Redevelopment is being squeezed of its life’s blood, and as PublicCEO described in a previous article, other bills that were carried during budget negotiations threaten the autonomy of local governments.

In Merced, the city council wants to know why their Assembly member voted as she did. One of the biggest questions the council wants to ask is why she voted to end redevelopment agencies, which provide funding for much of the city’s low income housing, matching funds for major infrastructure projects, and gentrification of blighted areas.

Although they sent Assembly Woman Cathleen Galgiani a letter last week, they have yet to receive a response. When asked why they were asking her to appear, Merced mayor reportedly said that the city feels they should hold their elected accountable in the same manner that voters do.

From the Merced Sun Star:

Are Merced and its assemblywoman at odds over how money should be spent for projects in the city?

In a letter dated earlier this month to state Rep. Cathleen Galgiani, D-Livingston, Mayor Bill Spriggs and the Merced City Council asked for an explanation of her vote on the state budget and the new redevelopment laws the Legislature adopted as a way to balance that budget.

Moreover, the council was “disappointed” to learn how she voted on two assembly bills in June related to the budget and community redevelopment.

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