One of the ideas being floated in Los Angeles is creating a second, majority Latino district for the Board of Supervisors. Proponents say that carving out a second seat for the largest ethnic group in Los Angeles is required by federal law.

But Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky disagrees and says that creating a second district would turn the Federal Voting Rights Act on its head. As part of his position regarding the potential new district, Supervisor Yaroslavsky said has said that he doesn’t believe that non-Latinos band together to defeat Latino candidates and causes at the ballot. Any potential redistricting or newly gerrymandered district would not affect the third-term supervisor, who is already in his final term before limits force him to step away from his Supervisorial duties in Los Angeles.

From the Los Angeles Times:

In a pointed statement Friday, Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky condemned plans to create a second Latino-majority district for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, describing two pending proposals as “a bald-faced gerrymander that is completely unnecessary.”

“I’m utterly convinced that these redistricting schemes would significantly injure our ability to fight together” on issues affecting his Westside and San Fernando Valley district, Yaroslavsky wrote in a blog post to constituents.

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Editor’s Note: Corrected from a previous version that erroneously stated that Supervisor Yaroslavsky could lose his district because of a newly minted district.