It’s nice to be wanted and appreciated. In Stockton, City Manager Bob Dies and Police Chief Blair Ulring seem to be indispensible.

A week after they both announced their retirement, a group of high profile residents took out a full-page ad imploring that they stay and that the city council work to make it worth their staying.

Deis, who tendered his resignation effective in March listed personal reasons, but his life has been increasingly difficult in recent months as he has accused local unions of intimidating him and his family, as well as vandalizing his home and car.

Ulring tendered his resignation effective almost immediately, due in part to recent cuts to his compensation. Deis had previously sought changes to Ulring’s compensation package to offset the cuts as a way to provide incentives for him staying.

The full-page ad said that the city needs a manager and police chief, and the city council should “finish they work they begun.”


A full-page advertisement in today’s Record, signed by 70 prominent citizens, implores the City Council to “find a way” to retain City Manager Bob Deis and Police Chief Blair Ulring, both of whom announced their impending retirements last week.

Deis has said he plans to retire in March for personal reasons.

Ulring is retiring effective Wednesday.

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