Noted political strategist Larry Tramutola is developing a book tentatively called “What now? A guide for newly elected local officials and those who work with them.”

The book will provide tips on everything to “keeping your mouth shut” to “handling yourself in a crisis.” Tramutola is seeking your input, the people who have been on the ground, every day, for years. This is your chance to contribute to this book.

Here are a few of the questions that are being considered that you may want to weigh-in on. Be candid. Be specific.

1. Are there any good examples where an elected official provided leadership to get something done – outside of their official role. (Trying to make the point that there are many ways to provide leadership beyond the official role they have).
2. How does a legislative body of 5 individuals who are each thinking about “me” transition to a functioning board thinking as “we”?
3. How does a board set clear expectations for the hired chief executive?

4. One of the chapters is tentatively called “The art of holding your tongue”. Any good examples of where “silence” was a good strategy? Where did talking too much get someone in trouble?
5. What are the best strategies to have “balance” in life? How important is it for elected officials? Is it possible?
6. Occasionally an elected official needs to take a risk (eg. putting a tax measure on the ballot). Are there other examples? Is risk a good thing or should it be avoided at all costs?
7. Occasionally during a term of office a crisis occurs. What role should the elected official take?
8. Any tips on how an elected official should deal with ideologues, naysayers and disrupters?
9. How can an elected official mentor the next generation of leaders?
10. The last section of the book will be resources, books, articles and trainings that are available. Any great advice here? What percent of electeds avail themselves to these resources?
11. What sort of gifts have gotten elected officials in trouble?
12. How difficult is it for an elected official to step away once their term is over and be a normal citizen?