supervisor_kniss_photoSanta Clara County Supervisor Liz Kniss has been reappointed to her second term as chairwoman of the National Association of Counties (NACo) Health Steering Committee, where she will work to help shape federal policies affecting local government. Kniss has served on the Health Steering Committee for several years as well as taken up leadership roles as Vice Chair of both the Public Health Subcommittee and Full Committee on Health Care Reform. The reappointment was made by NACo President Lenny Eliason.

“It is an honor to be reappointed by President Eliason to continue to serve in a leadership position on NACo’s Health Steering Committee,” said Kniss, Chair of the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisor’s Health and Hospital Committee, and a member of NACo’s Board of Directors. “These tough times are affecting all aspects of local government and how we deliver essential services and programs to our communities.”

NACo’s Health Steering Committee is responsible for NACo policy development on all matters pertaining to health care delivery and financing including indigent care; health care for the uninsured; Medicaid; Medicare; long term care; local public health programs; mental health; substance abuse; and developmental disabilities.

Supervisor Kniss, who is also the Chair of the Health and Human Services Policy Committee of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), views NACo and CSAC as vital organizations that enable local governments to share information and best practices.  “We partner with our state and national organizations to enhance our legislative advocacy efforts and improve our programs and services,” said Kniss. “We’ve definitely strengthened our county voice at the State and Federal level.”

During the past two years, the County of Santa Clara has shared model prevention plans and best practices including the Santa Clara County Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan, the Pediatric Obesity Clinic and the “Vote and Vax” program to receive a flu vaccine on Election Day.

Kniss has been active in NACo since the year 2001, and has served the nation’s counties in various leadership positions on the Health Steering Committee, Healthy Counties Advisory Board, Health System Reform Working Group, Sustainability Leadership Team, and Large Urban County Caucus.