The City of Burbank took a lot of heat for their decision to provide support for a local golf course, as it struggles to weather the prolonged, down economy. But the city’s mayor and one city councilman may have a solution to offset the costs. They’ve proposed a fundraiser, where they would volunteer to be targets for golf balls hit by their critics and sporting residents alike.

The proposed fundraiser would put the city officials in the ball gatherers at the driving range, where they would traverse the range to not only gather up the struck balls, but provide a sporting challenge, all for the betterment of city and course coffers.

The fundraiser would help cover the cost of various advertising campaigns, which have been proposed to increase traffic at the course. Other ideas to help raise funds have included selling gift cards to the course at Costco.

From the Glendale News-Press:

City Hall critics take note: The opportunity may soon arise to pepper Mayor Jess Talamantes and Councilman Dave Golonksi with golf balls.

But it will cost you.

Although the details are still being worked out, the committee charged with helping to turn around the struggling DeBell Golf Club discussed the possibility of using the two city officials as driving-range targets to help raise money for an advertising budget for the municipal course.

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