If there is one thing that border governments know, our ports of entry need help. But the ongoing budget battles in Washington have endangered federal funds for much needed improvements. Instead, counties and cities are looking at public-private partnerships to forge ahead with renovations.

In Calexico, the so-called ‘Plan B’ to federal funds is a $325 million investment by a private firm that would lease the facility back to the federal government to settle the debt. The new, high-traffic port of entry would have an extra ten lanes for vehicle traffic, six lanes for pedestrian traffic, and have a lane dedicated to busses.

As the public-private partnership continues ahead, both governmental groups and the private investment company will keep a close eye on things in Washington. If they are to allocate the funds, it would likely be done by September 30th.

From the Imperial Valley Press:

A plan which would have an investment company funding the expansion of the Calexico West Port of Entry got support from the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

This plan is an alternative form to fund the expansion as money from the federal government is uncertain given the current political and economic situation, former Calexico City Manager and former county Supervisor Victor Carrillo said while presenting the plan to the board. Carrillo was the point of contact for the investment company proposing the alternative.

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