Visalia has a crime and punishment candidate running for council. Unfortunately, candidate J.J. Macrae’s experience with crime and punishment is from the inside of the system. Macrae has been convicted of six crimes and charged with seven crimes in the last 12 years.

His run-ins with the law include assault, battery, domestic violence, peeping, evading police, and DUI.

Macrae is still on probation for the last charged, DUI. Others have put him in jail. But none were felonies at trial. The only felony he was charged with was reduced to a misdemeanor.

I guess it could be worse: it could have been eight charges, seven convictions, more felonies, or a partridge in a pear tree.

From the Visalia Times-Delta:

Dressed in a patriotic T-shirt, J.J. Macrae picks up an order at Alejandra’s in downtown Visalia. Wearing a cap that reads “Don’t Mess with Visalia,” the takeout deliveryman advertises his run for Visalia City Council.

What he’s not advertising is his criminal past.

Macrae has been charged with crimes seven times in Tulare County since 1999 and convicted six times. Court records say he is still on probation for a DUI charge in 2007. He has served time in the Tulare County Jail for evading a police officer and for domestic violence. He says he’s turned his life around. He also claims he did not commit all of the seven crimes he was charged with.

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