SEIU and Mendocino County are going to court after labor negotiations broke down, and SEIU officials are saying that the county’s to blame.

Citing unfair negotiating tactics, the SEIU says the two parties had a complete, handshake deal before the county backed out. But the county’s position is somewhat different. They said the deal was contingent upon the union members voting to ratify the agreement by September 2nd.

But the union is saying that the deadline was arbitrary, and their purple shirts were out in force as they had organized a countywide walkout. The plan called for the 700 county employees represented by Local 1021 to leave their offices at 12:50 (or 10 to 1, a play on the chapter’s name.)

Among the matters being picketed, the county’s plan that calls for a 15-percent pay cut.

From the Ukiah Daily Journal:

The largest county employee bargaining group, Service Employees International Union, Local 1021, on Monday filed an unfair labor practice lawsuit against the county.

Workers wearing purple and waving signs lined both sides of State Street in front of the Ukiah courthouse Monday just before 1 p.m., when the union planned a countywide walk-out to bring public attention to the issues it is raising with the negotiation process.

“They’re not bargaining; they’re giving us artificial deadlines and saying, take it or leave it,'” said organizer Christal Padilla, a practice she said is illegal. That, and other practices the union claims is unfair, is the subject of the lawsuit.

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