It might have taken a week, but the retaliatory hand-slap for a public shushing has been apologized for.

The apology, which has been accepted, has not put the issue to rest, however. The assault charge continues to be investigated by the police department, after which the district attorney will be sent the details of the case to determine the best course of action.

But until the legal issue is settled, and probably even after it becomes another chapter in the often-contentious city council history, Councilwoman Ford (the shusher) will be sitting a bit farther away from Vice Mayor Mike Kelly.

From the Marin Scope:

At the beginning of the Sept. 27 City Council meeting, Vice Mayor Mike Kelly formally apologized to Councilwoman Carolyn Ford and the citizens of Sausalito for slapping Ford’s hand at the Sept. 13 meeting. “I’m deeply embarrassed by my action and I apologize to Carolyn Ford and the citizens of Sausalito.” Ford said she accepted and appreciated his apology. Twelve people spoke during public comment on the incident.

Sausalito City Councilwoman Carolyn Ford is seeking battery charges against Vice Mayor Mike Kelly because he allegedly slapped the top of her hand at the Sept. 13 City Council meeting after she “shushed” him.

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