The drama between Stockton and its police force has been a morbidly amusing affair.

Between accusations of intimidating, decals of urinating cartoon characters, resignations and more, the soap-opera atomosphere is tough to ignore. The latest episode is the subpoena. Being dragged into the legal battle is City Manager Bob Deis’ wife, Linda.

Because the city is claiming that the Police Officers’ Association was attempting to intimidate the city manager by purchasing a neighboring home, the SPOA is subpoenaing Linda Deis as one of the victims of the alleged intimidation. Unfortunately, Mrs. Deis has attempted to remain out of the fray by resolutely defending her status as a private citizen.

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For unfathomable reasons, Stockton’s city manager and spouse sometimes become the lead characters in a municipal soap opera. Remember Mark and Kate Lewis?

Today’s episode: The Subpoena.

The city’s main police union, the Stockton Police Officers Association, has subpoenaed Linda Deis, the wife of Stockton City Manager Bob Deis.

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