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Approximately twelve years ago the city of Tustin’s Police Department purchased and began utilizing eleven defibrillators named, HeartStart AsED for use when providing First Aid and CPR.

Over the years the AsED have been successfully used to save the lives of members of the community. For this reason, as part of the FY 2012 budget the Police Department has been authorized to purchase ten new automated external defibrillators.

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Due to age, four of the devices have begun to malfunction and have become inoperable. These devices are also not compatible with the devices used by Orange County Fire Authority OCFA which provides primary emergency medical service to the community.

It is proposed that once the new defibrillators are put into service the remaining seven functional AsED and additional supplies be transferred to the Parks Recreation Department to be placed and utilized at various City facilities.

Over the past several years the Police Department’s First Aid CPR Staff has trained Parks and Recreation Department personnel in providing first aid as a part of their regular duties.

In order to continue utilizing the remaining seven functional HeartStart AsED the staff from the Police and Parks and Recreation Departments proposes transferring the devices and all additional supplies extra batteries pads to the Parks and Recreation Department so they may be placed and utilized at various City facilities. In addition the Police First Aid CPR personnel will provide refresher training on the AsED to the Parks Recreation staff.

This report was written by Tustin Chief of Police Scott Jordan.