The Tulare Board of Supervisors didn’t have to agree with every recommendation and finding of the Grand Jury, and they aren’t going to. But most are being taken under advisement, and the County will be acting to improve services and restructure some financial practices, and review a variety of policies.

At the top of the list, the Supervisors will likely reexamine how office space is allocated and negotiated, as well as how much space is actually necessary. Also, the county’s governments must decide how to continue its short-rail transit programs. If the programs are going to continue, then funding must be diversified.

The Grand Jury Report also suggested reviewing school crossings and consolidating certain departments.

From the Visalia Times Delta:

Tulare County supervisors will recommend consolidating office space used by county agencies and seek alternative funding if they want to try to preserve short-term rail lines and improved traffic markers around a rural school. These are some of the responses they have to recommendations made by the Tulare County Grand Jury in a series of reports issued earlier this year.

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