In Covington, it took a police sting operation to discover what was happening to Ronnie Johnson’s campaign yard signs. They had received numerous complaints the signs had been stolen from around town and out of people’s yards, but who was behind it remained a mystery.

That’s when the police decided to collect 50 or so of Mr. Johnson’s signs and offer them for sale on the black market. What happened when someone showed up to buy the pilfered signs? Police arrested fellow mayoral candidate and former city councilman Bobby Sigman.

Mr. Sigman, 70, now faces multiple charges including criminal mischief, theft, and trespassing.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

A Covington mayoral candidate was arrested Wednesday on charges he stole political yard signs of a rival candidate.

Bobby Sigman, 70, faces a number of charges stemming from a complaint that he stole signs from mayoral candidate Ronnie Johnston, said Capt. Ken Malcom, spokesman for the Covington Police Department.

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