Breaking up the Occupy Oakland protest was decidedly unpopular with at least one part of the city’s population: the protesters.

On a blog post at the San Francisco Chronicle, one protester reported that the political future of Mayor Jean Quan may have been endangered by the police action, because “it’s hard to vote for politicians that gas and shoot your friends.”

She is criticized for not only setting the police on the protesters, but being absent in the aftermath. When the city called a press conference, she didn’t attend. Instead, the city was represented by two council members.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Occupy Oakland explodes! If there’s any gauge of the saying “The Whole World’s Watching!” It’s Google Trends, which, again, has Oakland, California among the top two for something negative: the last time was for the Oscar Grant Riots.

Only the Oakland Raiders have enjoyed trend ranks, and for good news related to the football business – trading for Carson Palmer.

Occupy Oakland is now forever marked by a decision that could cost Oakland Mayor Jean Quan her job. Calling for the use of 500 police officers in a pre-dawn raid Tuesday morning, followed by more tear gas bombs Tuesday night, has thousands of Oaklanders upset with Quan.

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