Jon Stewart may not have too many ties to Oakland, but he seems to be able to produce more substantial solutions to problems plaguing long-time resident and current mayor Jean Quan. Occupy Oakland, the offspring of the now-national Occupy Wall Street protest, made headlines and punch lines after Mayor Quan ordered the police to clear a park in front of city hall with gas, rubber bullets, and bean bags.

If the decision to forcibly, publicly, and violently clear the park wasn’t controversial in itself, her waffling and subsequent reversal on the matter is deservingly criticized.

Enter Jon Stewart, the savior of the Occupy Protest. The Comedy Central funny man was able to look at the situation and devise a solution that might have avoided the gas and riot gear, given the Mayor a way to save face and avoid possible recall. His plan: move the protesters.

That sort of clear thinking and problem solving could be a good replacement for Mayor Quan when and if her recall passes. And it seems, problem solving is contagious. On Monday, the first word began leaking that Oakland is investigating other public spaces that could be offered to the protesters.

Perhaps his program from last month (embedded here at PublicCEO) could be the start of the next Oakland Mayoral Race. Will Jon Stewart run if Mayor Jean Quan is recalled?

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Parks and Demonstration – Oakland Riot
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