Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has taken a stand on the Occupy Oakland protest, again. This time, her written statement expresses both the wish and rejection of those who would send the police into the protesters.This statement, which could strike some as contradictory to the previous decisions made at city hall, calls for dialogue with protesters, civic leaders, and concerned citizens. As the Mayor said in a previous statement, she “cannot change the past,” she wrote on October 27, “but I want to work with you to ensure that this remains peaceful moving forward.”This could be the start of a new chapter in the relationship between Oakland and its occupiers.

Mayor Quan’s Statement:

Oakland has shown its support for the 99%. Now it is time for this encampment to show its support and respect for the people of Oakland.

We renew our call on Occupy Oakland to make a decision to leave immediately.

Occupation is a tactic, not a solution. Frank Ogawa Plaza cannot sustain permanent living quarters and our economy cannot sustain this occupation.

While I am pleased to see a consensus developing on the Council to remove the camp, I call on elected leaders who are clamoring for an immediate raid to put forward a plan that does not cause additional injury to people, property and our reputation, or result in another re-occupation. I urge them to join me, the City Administrator, Police Chief and community leaders in implementing a plan to remove the encampment. We know that a tiny minority thinks it is a sound strategy to pit our Police against demonstrators. We call on everyone to reject provocation of violence.

We will talk with the demonstrators, the community, and the police to build a common understanding around a peaceful resolution.

This has been a test of leadership and a test of conscience. Oakland is a city of hope and opportunity. We are the 99%.