The dethroned King of Bell, Robert Rizzo, is making headlines once again. Ensuring Bell’s place as the scandal seemingly without end, Rizzo has filed a lawsuit against his former city for a breach of contract, and is seeking $800,000 in back pay and benefits.

His lawsuit states that the city is required to give 90 days notice of any termination “without cause.” And while Rizzo’s alleged actions as city manager may not pass common-sense tests, his lawyers say that his contract specify what is an actual breach. For instance, Rizzo has not been convicted of a felony or any crime that demonstrates “moral turpitude.” Yet.

But in seeking his damages, he argues that without the conviction before termination, he is entitled to one-year’s benefits and salary.

From the Courthouse News Service:

In a scandal that refuses to die, the City of Bell’s former Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo claims in a pro se complaint that the city owes him back pay on his nearly $800,000 annual salary, and benefits, because it fired him without cause.

Rizzo claims the city breached his contract and owes him wages and benefits because “he has not been convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude.”

Bell, a Los Angeles suburb of about 36,000, made national headlines in 2010 when the salaries of its top officials were revealed. State auditors found that the city’s six highest-paid administrators received combined annual salaries of $6 million.

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