Former Hercules City Manager Nelson Oliva claimed to have sold his business interests to another, and transferred other responsibilities to his family – including 18 year old daughter whom he named as Chief Financial Officer. Those actions allowed him to claim no conflicts of interest in city dealings.

But shortly after his departure from the beleagured city, it came to light that the separation might not have been complete or real. Now, that story is receiving some confirmation.
Walter McKinney, the once reported purchaser of NEO Consulting, said that the deal was never consummated, that he never received any money or stocks for the purchase or sale, and that he never had any direct dealings with the company as its owner.

The new information came out as the city moves forward with a $3 million civil suit against Oliva, his company, and his daughters, seeking to collect money that the city said was paid in violation of Oliva’s fiduciary responsibilities.

From the Contra Costa Times:

The sale of former Hercules City Manager Nelson Oliva’s family business, meant to settle conflict of interest questions, never was consummated, the purported buyer now says.
Walter McKinney told the Hercules City Council last year that he had recently acquired the Oliva family firm, NEO Consulting Inc. D.B.A. Affordable Housing Solutions Group. He formerly was the firm’s general manager.
But the deal never went through, McKinney said this week in a sworn declaration in connection with the city’s $3 million lawsuit against NEO, Oliva and three Oliva daughters. The suit alleges conflict of interest and breach of fiduciary duty.

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