It appears that while Sacramento regional governments have been cutting the salaries and jobs of some of the lowest paid employees, they have been increasing the pay for those who make six figures.

Now, there are 3,800 employees making at least $100,000 per year. That number reflects just 10% of the County’s staff, but more than 25% of the County’s payroll. The total increase in compensation, some $23 million, came while the region’s governments cut a combined 1,800 jobs.

The cuts, and corresponding raises, had much to do with tenure. In many cases, a last-in, first-out style of cutting resulted in the lower wage earners being forced out, while their higher pay, more experienced coworkers continued to work. Many received contractually required raises, too.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Several local cities sliced their payrolls through layoffs last year by cutting those who made the least. And they ended up paying more employees six-figure salaries.

The 3,800 employees who earned at least $100,000 annually last year made up 10 percent of the region’s city and county workers, but ate 25 percent of payroll. Their ranks increased by about 80, while the number of city and county workers earning less than $100,000 fell by almost 3,000, according to a Bee review of new data from the state controller’s office.

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