Bob Ryan, the Mayor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is facing ouster from office after residents gathered enough signatures to force the recall election. The problem isn’t a poorly run city hall or an ineffectual government, it’s a problem with alcohol. Residents say that the Mayor’s behavior has cost the city national ridicule and has harmed the image of the lakeside town.

Mayor Ryan, who admits to having a problem with alcohol, caused  a series of alcohol-induced embarrassments last year, including passing out at a bar and making inappropriate sexual comments about his sister-in-law.

But the Mayor says that his job hasn’t been impacted by his problems with alcohol. In fact, since coming into office he claims to have ended the city’s job losses and actually helped add jobs back into the city’s economy. It’s a claim supported by some in the community, but whether or not his job performance is good enough to outweigh his poor personal performance will be decided at the ballot box.

From JD Journal:

The mayor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Bob Ryan, is up for a recall on Tuesday following a string of alcohol incidents.
Ryan faced criticism last year and a possible investigation because of a three-day drinking binge. During that binge Ryan allegedly got into a fight and assaulted a woman. There even was a photograph of him after he passed out at a bar.
In 2009, Ryan took heat for a video that surfaced him bragging about his sister-in-law’s sexual skills while he was drunk.

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