At least one reserve officer in Los Angeles earned his keep this year, and then some.

Officer Shervin Lalezary is a part-time, reserve officer for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy who earns $1 a year. During the day, he works as a real estate lawyer. But at his night job, volunteering for the Sheriff’s Office, Lalezary managed to capture a serial arsonist accused of setting more than 50 fires across Los Angeles.

Sheriff Baca said that his reserve status takes nothing away from Lalezary’s accomplishment.

Humbly, in this editor’s opinion it actually brings credit to a system of reserve officers whose time and dedication to the public can be a valuable tool and service during tough economic times. Lalezary was working after his shift end trying to help capture the alleged arsonist. And let’s not forget that it was only his third shift since he was certified to patrol solo.

From the Associated Press:

The reserve sheriff’s deputy who captured a man suspected of being the city’s most dangerous arsonist earns $1 a year as a volunteer and was just certified to patrol alone.

On Tuesday, Shervin Lalezary smiled for media cameras as he modestly credited his colleagues and vigilant citizens for the arrest.

By day, the 30-year-old works as a Beverly Hills real estate attorney. But at 3 a.m. Monday, he was working hours past the official end of his volunteer shift when he pulled over a Dodge van in Hollywood.

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