Nearly $30,000 of technology was purchased on the credit card of a former Los Altos IT Manager, and then reimbursed by the city when he allegedly forged documents.

The Mac computers and iPads, however, never made it to the city. Some were apparently sold, others were kept for personal use. Whatever the case, these allegations caught some at the city off guard. The alleged wrongdoing came to light after several expense reports struck the IT Manager’s boss as being odd. After a bit of investigation, the realized that the trip was not actually what it seemed.

Now the city is investigating its purchasing processes with the help of a CPA firm, to try to stave off future wrongdoing.

From the Mercury News:

A popular manager for the city of Los Altos is facing allegations that he used a city credit card to rack up more than $30,000 in illicit purchases, mostly of computer laptops and tablets.

Michael Nicolas Trautman, 41, of Mountain View, worked as Los Altos’ information technology manager from November 2007 to December 2011.

City officials unearthed the alleged scheme in December, when Trautman submitted expense reports for an out-of-town conference that looked suspicious, said Assistant City Manager J. Logan.

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