The City of Oakland put up with weeks of occupation during the first round of Occupy protests. Then they cracked down. Now, the Occupiers who transformed into invaders and vandals have invoked the ire of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

The weekend’s antics, which resulted in more than 400 arrests, resulted in yet-to-be-totaled damages. However, any additional costs will come on top of the $3 million bill left by the first Occupiers. Now, Mayor Quan is planning on calling their parents.

Well, not their real parents, but the leaders of the National Occupy Movement – Occupy Wall Street.

She hopes to have them disowned, because as she sees it, the splinter group abandoned the principles of the OWS movement when they became violent and vandals.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Faced with ever-increasing violence between police and Occupy protesters, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is seeking help from a new source: Occupy Wall Street.

Quan plans to ask leaders of the national Occupy movement to convince their Oakland cohorts to shun violence during their protests over economic inequality, officials said Monday.

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