On Friday, PublicCEO re-ran an article published on the Liberal OC. What was described in the article’s headline as “Unintended Plastic Bag Hilarity” was a presentation given by local Orange County resident Jim Bieber to the San Clemente City Council.

During a priority-setting session, Bieber presented the council with apples that he had purchased and transported in a re-usable grocery bag that had also contained meat products. Those meat products leaked in the bag before the purchase of the produce.

It was an example, Bieber told me, of the potential danger of forcing people into using the re-usable bags.He also forwarded along the two documents that he used as part of his ‘unintentionally hilarious’ presentation – one which documents the total cost to the local economy of such a ban and one that describes how the apples became toxic.

The big item, however, that Bieber wanted to make sure I was aware of was that he is not on the payroll of any plastic bag company – he’s just a concerned citizen.

He also told me in an email that “No food items were left in my car to ferment. The apples that were brought to the council meeting spent no more than an hour sitting in a reusable bag.”

We’ve presented the other side of his story. What do you think?