A alleged plot to force an opponent out of a recent election didn’t cost the Mayor-elect of Las Cruces his win, but it might cost him his freedom. Certainly, it has cost him the ability to take over his new job.

The case was well reported. Daniel Salinas was a candidate for Las Cruces mayor and he allegedly conspired to send an exotic dancer to perform for his opponent and taped the encounter. That encounter led to the arrest of Salinas, and a court order preventing him from entering city hall or having  contact with any city employees. That includes the city clerk, who must administer the oath of office.

However, a state law requires that Salinas be sworn in by April 5, or forfeit his seat. That mandate, coupled with the court order, amounts to meddling in election results by the courts, says the lawyers for Salinas. They are asking the Supreme Court to intervene.

From the Associated Press:

The mayor-elect of a New Mexico border town is turning to the state Supreme Court to help get him into office.

The high court scheduled arguments Tuesday on the request by Daniel Salinas, who has been barred from taking office by the terms of his release from jail. He faces charges that he tried to force an opponent out of the race with a secretly taped video of the other man getting a topless lap dance.

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