Trying to balance a budget and retire debt? One city is really pushing the limits of putting everything on the table. They’re asking residents to vote on whether or not the town should rent a plot of land for pot growing.

The Spanish town of Rasquera isn’t large, so overcoming a $1.7 million debt isn’t easy. That’s why the town council initially approved a plan that would allow a pot collective to cultivate marijuana on public property. In addition to the infusion of cash, the proposal would create as many as 40 jobs.

The pot growing operation is legal in Spain, because they would only grow the crops to take care of the collective’s 5,000 members.

However, should the plan fail to receive approval from 75 percent of the town, the mayor has promised to resign.

From the Huffington Post:

What about growing marijuana to pay off municipal debt? One Spanish village is putting the idea to a vote.

The referendum Tuesday in Rasquera, population 960, in the northeastern Catalonia region is a quirky, legally touchy illustration of Spain’s deep financial woes.

The seven-member town council first approved the idea in March, but it ignited such controversy that the mayor agreed to put it to a referendum in the hamlet of mostly retirees.

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