Sacramento giveth, and Sacramento taketh away. Funds that were once promised to local governments were taken in the middle of the night last year, and that’s left Jurupa Valley fighting for its life.

SB 89 was walked into the chamber in the middle of the night, and without review, it was attached to the budget as a trailer bill. It took the Motor Vehicle In-Lieu Fees from the cities and reapportioned them. The redirecting of that money left many new cities wondering how to plug the new and unanticipated budget gaps. In Jurupa Valley, they lost $6.7 million, or 46% of their funding.

Now, the hope is that AB 1602 will restore funding and help keep it and other new cities alive.


A boulder put the city on the map. Sacramento may take it off.

When the LACMA rock was being prepared for its commute to the Miracle Mile, it gave a lot of attention to a quarry just north of Riverside. That is when some learned that the rock is from Jurupa Valley, a city that was founded just last year.

During summer 2011, last-minute state legislation was added to the budget bill and may force the new city to consider recalling cityhood before it even selects an official seal.

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