With all the coming’s and going’s in California local government, it can be hard to keep track of where your friends are or what’s happening in your neighboring municipalities. But Trackdown Management helps keep the state up-to-date with their newsletter.

PublicCEO presents his Picking Up the Pieces:

San Marino City Manager Matthew Ballantyne has been appointed City Manager in Chino replacing the retired Pat Glover. Bob Murray & Associates conducted the recruitment. Matt has served as the San Marino City Manager since 2006.

Eastvale has extended the employment agreement of Interim City Manager Robert Van Nort until December 31, 2012 or until a permanent City Manager appointment is made.

David Boesch, former San Mateo County Manager and a former Menlo Park City Manager, is the new CEO in Placer County following the retirement of CEO Tom Miller and the Interim CEO tenure of Holly Heinzen.

Claiming he was a victim of religious discrimination, former Fire Chief Ron Hittle, 49, has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Stockton, City Manager Bob Deis and Deputy City Manager Laurie Montes. Paramount among the investigation’s findings is that the Chief attended a Christian-affiliated leadership conference while on duty, which violates regulations prohibiting employees from attending religious themed events while on “…the taxpayer’s dime…” according to the City Attorney.

ABC Unified School District Superintendent of School Gary Smuts has retired. Cerritos Mayor Jim Edwards served as Master of Ceremonies at a gala retirement dinner for Gary at the Sycamore Plaza in Lakewood.

With Fortuna City Manager Duane Rigge ready to retire June 30, Loretta Nickolaus will serve as Interim City Manager. Loretta is a retired Humboldt County Administrative Officer.

Caltrans Deputy Director Martin Tuttle has been appointed to the vacant West Sacramento City Manager post. Former City Manager Toby Ross retired after nearly 10-years with the city. Martin is a former Executive Director of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.

Los Banos City Manager Steve Rath announced earlier this year that he will retire on Halloween (October 31). The city is currently recruiting for a new City Manager.

A four-foot high bronze sculpture of a lone howling wolf, selected at the La Quinta Arts Festival this year, “Leader of the Pack,” has been unveiled at La Quinta City Hall in honor and memory of the late La Quinta City Manager Tom Genovese. Tom, 53, died of a heart attack while hiking the popular Bump and Grind trail in Palm Desert last November.

Lynwood Assistant City Manager/Finance Director Robert Torrez has been terminated upon the recommendation of City Manager Roger Haley. Bob previously served as the Chief Financial Officer in Burbank before joining the Lynwood staff in May, 2008 under an “at-will” employment agreement.

Former Hayward City Manager Greg Jones has been elected to the Hayward City Council. Greg left the City Manager position in Hayward in 2010, while considering a Hayward school board campaign.

Elk Grove resident Tom Hart is the Interim Executive Director of the California Redevelopment Association. He earned a BA at UCLA and an MPA from USC. He began his career in 1980 as an analyst in Modesto.

Sanger City Manager Brian Haddix has appointed Porterville Police Captain and Division Commander Silverio “Silver” Rodriquez, 52, to be the next Sanger Chief of Police.

In February, then-Chino City Manager Pat Glover appointed Brent Arnold Acting Assistant City Manager to fill-in behind the unexpected resignation of Assistant City Manager Pat Griffin. Brent has been with the City of Chino for more than 26-years, working in every division within the Community Development Department. He is the Deputy Director of Community Development/City Planner.

Apple Valley Fire Captain Roy Cullumber, who went missing on May 28, was found dead in his car on Saturday, June 2. A hiker found the body in the vehicle parked in a field around the Rodman Mountains Wilderness area off Camp Rock Road. Apparently, there was no foul play. Fire Chief Art Bishop said that the Captain was a Senior Captain and was well liked and respected by all.

Chino Hills has renamed Crossroads Park North to Veterans Park in honor of U.S. Military veterans.

A successful recall of three Fullerton City Council members spurred on by the beating death of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man, by members of the Fullerton Police Department appears to pave the way for change. One of the newly elected Council Members has said that he wants to see the Council take a hard look at the City Manager and City Attorney. Joe Felz is the Fullerton City Manager.

The “Interim” has been dropped from Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters title. Paul, 66, has been the long-time Police Chief in Santa Ana. He will now serve as City Manager and Police Commissioner. He has served as Interim City Manager since the retirement of City Manager David Reams.

Bob Wingenroth is the new Anaheim City Manager. He has been serving as Acting City Manager since last November, and he joined the Anaheim staff the previous November as the Director of Finance. He previously served as Finance Director in Huntington Beach. Bob began his career in 1980 with the City of Phoenix, Arizona.

Cerritos Mayor Jim Edwards has nearly three decades of experience in athletics, coaching various varsity sports including: baseball, cross country, soccer, softball and track & field. He served as the Director of Athletics at Richard Gahr High School. He is a retired career educator and administrator for the ABC Unified School District.

Manhattan Beach City Attorney Roxanne Diaz is stepping down for personal reasons. She will continue to work with the City but in a more limited role, according to Manhattan Beach City Manager David Carmany.

With City Manager Tony O’Rourke‘s May 15 resignation to take the Yakima, Washington City Manager’s job, Nancy Kerry has served as the South Lake Tahoe Interim City Manager. Nancy served as the Assistant to the City Manager for Tony.

Longtime Monroe, Ohio City Manager William J. Brock recently filed a police report alleging that Vice Mayor Robert Kelley got into his space, poked him in the chest and threatened his job. He said that he did not immediately wish to press charges for the “disorderly conduct” incident, but wanted the incident documented. He has served as Monroe City Manager since 2004.

Former California City Manager John Danielson is now the City Manager in Centennial, Colorado. He most recently served as Interim City Manager in Atherton and had positions with Wildomar and Indian Wells. John is a former Elk Grove City Manager too.

Rich Wilkinson, who first served as Interim City Manager, is the current Lindsay City Manager/Chief of Police. One of the things that Lindsay, California is known for is the World’s Largest Olive, which sits on a pedestal in a motel parking lot, according to RoadsideAmerica.

Former City Manager Scot Townsend reportedly earned more per capita than former Bell City Manager Bob Rizzo. Following the Bell scandal, Scot resigned his Lindsay City Manager position in 2010 citing death threats to him and his family as his reason for going. Lindsay, California was a unanimous selection as an All-American City in June, 1995.

Hanford long-time Deputy City Manager Mary Lindsay was dismissed in May with no reason given for her sudden termination. Interim City Manager Pam McCarthy said that the Deputy City Manager was released from her at-will position. Mary joined the Hanford city staff in 1987 as a Personnel Technician. She rose through the ranks and became Deputy City Manager in 2003.

A pair of Johns: City Manager John D. Lollis was appointed Porterville City Manager in 2009 to replace the retiring City Manager John Longley. John Longley had served as the Porterville City Manager since 2002. He hired John Lollis as a Deputy City Manager in July, 2007. Parenthetically, Porterville received an All-American City Award in 1994.

Tom Mitchell, a former County Executive Officer in Mendocino and Calaveras Counties, is among the final six candidates for the Clatsop County, Oregon Chief Administrator post.

L.A. Times Writer Jeff Gottlieb, who broke the Bell corruption story, reports that former Cudahy City Manager George Perez appears to have improperly given himself annual cost-of-living raises without City Council approval. George has sued the city claiming he is owed 18-months severance.

Canyon Lake City Manager Lori Moss has submitted her resignation. Her last day with the city was July 20. Lori served as Canyon Lake City Manager for 5 and a half years. Prior to that she was City Manager in Murrieta.

Legal action has been filed against Monte Sereno alleging that the city has not met its obligations under State Housing Law, and has misrepresented its housing numbers and housing opportunities to State officials and ABAG. City Manager Brian Loventhal is dealing with the issue.

Chief of Police Miles Pruitt has been serving as Interim City Manager following Chino City Manager Patrick Glover‘s retirement in February. The Bob Murray and Associates recruitment has concluded with the appointment of former San Marino City Manager Matthew Ballantyne as the new Chino City Manager. Matt will report to Chino on August 1, 2012.

Benicia City Manager Brad Kilger has appointed Emeryville CFO Karan Reid to be the next Benicia Finance Director.

Karen Burnham is currently the Interim City Manager in Oxnard. She previously served as ACM under City Manager Ed Sotelo.

Long-time Monterey City Manager Fred Meurer, 68, a former Army Colonel, has announced that he will retire in the Summer of 2013. Fred has been Monterey City Manager since 1991 after working 5-years as the Monterey Public Works Director.