A new, independent report cites shortfalls of the Oakland Police Department in how it handled last year’s Occupy protests.

The report’s findings surprised few, as the clashes between police and Occupy protesters brought international scrutiny to Oakland as canisters of teargas were fired into crowds, a bean bag critically injured an Iraq War veteran, and police clashed with protesters wielding rocks and pipes.

Contributing to the problems faced by the OPD were decisions made that left the police understaffed for a second round of conflicts, and commanders on the ground had not undergone any joint planning, meaning that commanders in the morning and night had different views and strategies for the protesters.

Already, numerous recommendations made in the report have been put in to place. The report was commissioned by the city for $100,000.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Oakland Police Department was understaffed and insufficiently prepared last fall to confront Occupy Oakland protesters who tried to reoccupy the City Hall camp that officers had cleared that morning, according to a report commissioned by the city.

Inadequacies within the department led to its flawed handling of the violent protest Oct. 25, were years in the making and “systemic to the department,” the report found.

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