Despite the increased scrutiny and backlash faced by many public employees and their organized labor organizations, Anaheim employees did well for themselves last month. They received a new contract that not only cancelled furloughs, but offered a $2,200 payout for those who had been furloughed.

The move, which was supported widely by the council – only Mayor Tom Tait voted against the new contract – went further than previous contracts by including provisions to prevent layoffs and outsourcing.

The contract was described by supporters as a good deal for the city, and recognizes and rewards those who sacrificed to help the city weather the worst parts of the economic downturn. It also included pension reform measures, which council member Kris Murray called a win-win.

From the Voice of the OC:

By most accounts, June 5th was not a good day for public employee unions.

Wisconsin voters soundly defeated a labor-led effort to recall Governor Scott Walker, voters in San Diego andSan Jose approved ballot measures that curtail future pension benefits for public employees, and in Orange County, labor leader Julio Perez lost to corporate-backed Democrat Tom Daly and Republican Jose Moreno in the race for the state Assembly seat  in the mostly working-class 69th district.

But at least one public employee union did well for itself on Election Day, albeit not at the ballot box.

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