Los Angeles has been a hot spot for pot shops, with hundreds opening in the sprawling metropolis as officials struggled to codify local ordinances.

The ban, which was approved on a 13-1 vote will give storefront pot operators 30 days to close shop. Then, the ban will be in place until clear guidelines can be developed with the input of the State Supreme Court.

The retail pot ban is not new, and this is not the first attempt Los Angeles has made at controlling the proliferation of marijuana. Two years ago, the city attempted to ban all but 70 shops from operating. However, that ban fell apart in the face of legal challenges. This time, however, the ban makes certain accommodations for hospice and home health agencies.

Despite a 1996 ballot initiative that approved access to medical marijuana, nearly 200 cities and 20 counties have instituted bans on the drug.

From the Associated Press:

Unable to rein in the hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries that have cropped up across the nation’s second largest city, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday voted to ban pot shops outright until it has clearer guidance from the state’s highest court.

The 13-1 vote drew an angry, profanity-laced response from some medical marijuana advocates who attended the council meeting.

If approved by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the storefront ban would go into effect after 30 days. The mayor’s office did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the council vote.

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